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CCR Report 2019

Good Morning,

Please find the 2019 CCR report. I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!


2019 CCR MG

Please be aware, Comcast Impersonators

Please be aware a fellow neighbor received a call from the Raymond Police Dept. about suspicious activity in the area. 

Two men wearing Comcast hats attempted to gain access to a residence claiming to have been sent by Comcast to pick up their boxes.  The resident did not let them in and the men left in a silver Toyota, Corolla. 

The Police were notified and they contacted Comcast to confirm procedures for these types of matters.  The message did talk about Xfinity marked vehicles or Comcast Contractor marked vehicles, how all employees should be able to produce a Comcast ID and that Comcast would not send anyone to a customer’s home unless requested by the customer.

Thank you.

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